Private Sessions

The Center for Pranic Healing is formed by a team of Certified Pranic Healers and Instructors whose mission is to inspire people to live a happy, healthy and well-balanced life through the application of MCKS Pranic Healing. 

In every Pranic Healing Session we put our Pranic Healing knowledge and expertise to your service. All sessions are provided by an experienced certified Pranic Healer. Every session  is prepared and given with the greatest of care. Though healing is a process, you’ll notice deep and lasting results that will only get better in the coming days or weeks after you have experienced Pranic Healing.
During the session you will set aside about an hour without disruptions so you can enjoy and fully experience the session. You will experience the meditation on twin hearts which will increase your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

Schedule your appointment today at (561) 483-5952 or at 

 Stress Relief Session$75 (30 minutes)
 Stress Relief Package (4 sessions)$260 (Save $40) 
 First Pranic Healing Session$100 (1 hour approx) 
 Pranic Healing Package (4 sessions)$360 (Save $40) 
 Pranic Healing Package (8 sessions)$640 (Save $160) 
 Pranic Healing Package (12 sessions)$840 (Save $360)
Pranic Healing Package (16 sessions) $960 (Save $640)